An Interesting Alternative To Skateboards

As kick scooter enthusiasts become more common, they will need to connect with a good pro shop. It is not always easy to find the right parts to practice tricks or riding a scooter at the skate park. This can be a problem because poor equipment is more likely to fail and lead to injuries. Most scooters sold in stores are meant for riding on the sidewalk to get around, not to ride in a half-pipe. Having the right gear for the right use is essential.

It is not difficult to find a scooter as they are sold in a variety of shops and stores. However, they need to be upgraded before they can be used for stunts. Some of these products are not much more than toys and not appropriate for anything other than riding near home. Others are higher quality and can actually be used as self-propelled transportation. These are usually designed to be portable and collapsible so they can be carried conveniently. While these scooters are useful, they will not stand up to extreme stunts and tricks. Only a custom scooter with upgraded wheels, headtubes, and forks, will be able to handle jumps and flips.


What makes these vehicles an interesting choice for riders is that they are easier to ride than skateboards, but are lighter and more maneuverable than bikes. They have a handlebar in common with bicycles so they can do flips and bicycle type tricks, but have a deck, like a skateboard, so they can do grinds and ollie type stunts. It is this unique combination that makes scooters a popular choice for skaters and bikers as an alternative. Those who have trouble with a skateboard sometimes find scooters appealing as the handlebar makes them easier to control.

Those who want to get started can try a product from District Scooters. They have complete scooters that are ready to ride and are built to handle the most extreme tricks. A good pro shop will be a valuable partner since they will have the right replacement parts and the experience to recommend upgrades. They are also a great place to get a scooter tuned up so it is safe and sound.

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